How to Get the Eyes in the Dark Unique in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 Death Trap
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If you’re planning to make it anywhere in the late-game of Diablo 4, then snagging a bunch of Unique items is the best way you can do that. Uniques might be locked into very specific Aspects with no way of being changed, but the buffs that you can get from these Aspects can make it well worth the slot. If you’re a Rogue going a trap build, then this build is certain to help you out a ton. Here’s how to get the Eyes in the Dark Unique in Diablo 4.

Where to Find the Eyes in the Dark Unique in Diablo 4

If you’ve got some other Uniques in Diablo 4, then how you get this one should seem pretty clear. To get the Eyes in the Dark Unique, you’ll need to get it from a random drop. This random drop chance occurs when killing enemies, opening chests, and breaking breakables, giving you a couple of different avenues for snagging a Unique. If you’re trying to farm for it, we suggest spamming dungeons and world events until it drops. With any luck, a Unique will drop and it’ll be Eyes in the Dark.

What Do The Eyes in the Dark Do?

The Eyes in the Dark Unique is different from other Uniques in that you get an extra mini Aspect. Whenever drinking potions, you’ll get movement speed for a short time. It’s minor, but movement speed is the king as a Rogue player. Other than that, default stats include Dodge Chance, Shadow Damage, Damage to Elites, and Damage to Trapped Enemies. The key Aspect is where things get interesting, turning the Death Trap ultimate ability into a repeating ability. Unless it hits a boss or enemy player, Death Trap will continuously re-arm itself and trigger its damage until an enemy dies by it. In exchange, Death Trap’s cooldown is upped by 20%-15% depending on the item roll.

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It should go without saying at this point, but this all makes the Eyes in the Dark Unique pants essential for Rogue when running a trap build. Bosses and PvP obviously make them useless, but in other situations, it can be invaluable. The description implies that this applies to Elite enemies, making the majority of dungeon encounters easy prior to the boss. Just throw the Death Trap at an Elite’s feet, and watch the sparks fly.

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