How to Get the Enigma in Remnant 2

Gun has me kicking my feet and twirling my hair

If you feel like your Handgun slot is a little lacking, then the Enigma is for you. This powerful gun is decimating when dealing with mobs, it feels good to shoot, and you can get it pretty early in the game. Here’s how to get the Engima in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Enigma in Remnant 2

The Enigma might be my favorite gun in the game. It’s extremely satisfying chaining together lightning between the mobs that will surround you, especially late game. But you can get this gun as soon as you have access to the Labyrinth. Here’s how to get it.

Once you’ve made it to the Labyrinth, you’ll need to find the portal that keeps changing. For me, this was directly across from the Fractured Ingress checkpoint. When you’ve found the portal, wait until it shows you a circular platform that leads to nothing.

Screenshots by Prima Games

Walk through. You’ll land (hopefully) on a platform that will spawn right below you. A stone bridge will then appear, leading you back to a stable landmass.

In the middle of this landmass will be a statue and another portal. I encountered half a dozen Labyrinth enemies while trying to reach the statue, but it’s possible none will spawn for you.

Screenshots by Prima Games

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At the foot of the statue is the Cipher Rod, the crafting material you’ll need to craft the Enigma. Back in Ward 13, McCabe will demand the Cipher Rod, seven Lumenite Crystals, and 1,000 Scrap. But it’s very much worth the cost!

The Enigma isn’t the only gun hiding out in the Labyrinth. The Chicago Typewriter is another gun you shouldn’t miss, and it slots neatly into your long gun slot. Check out how to get it here: Remnant 2: How to Get the Chicago Typewriter.

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