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How to Get the Ecliptic Distaff in Destiny 2

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by Daphne Fama

The Ecliptic Distaff is the ritual weapon for the Season of Defiance. It’s a weapon many players might accidentally skip over, but it’s worth getting, at least for the Week 5 Seasonal Challenge. Here’s how to get the Ecliptic Distaff in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Ecliptic Distaff in Destiny 2

Each season we get a new ritual weapon, which will feature in some way either in triumphs or Seasonal Challenges. For Season 20, that weapon is the Legendary Void Energy Glaive, Ecliptic Distaff. This Adaptive Glaive doesn’t just drop anywhere, though. You’ll need to put in some serious grinding.

To grab hold of this ritual weapon, you’ll need to reach Level 16 with the three ritual vendors in the Tower. Those Vendors are Lord Shaxx for the Crucible, the Drifter for Gambit, and Zavala for Vanguard Strikes.

Getting to level 16 can be quite a challenge unless you spend a significant amount of time playing through the playlist. But with Season of Defiance ending on May 22, you have a total of 10 weeks to get there.

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You can accelerate the process of getting these ranks by taking advantage of the weekly reputation boosts granted to one of those vendors. Additionally, both Gambit and Crucible will give you reputation boosts when you play multiple matches in a row, with the boost ending at five.

Once you’ve hit Rank 16 with a vendor, just speak with them to claim it from their menu. But don’t stop there – most seasons also have a challenge to acquire an ornament for the ritual weapon. That means getting to Rank 16 all over again. It’s likely we’ll see that challenge in Week 7 or 8.

Good luck getting Ecliptic Distaff! And while you’re out there grinding challenges, why not pick up a few action figures for the Lightfall Seal?: All 9 Action Figure Locations in Destiny 2.

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