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How to Get the Diogenes’ Utopia Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail

Not so cynical as you've guessed

by Patrick Souza
Honkai Star Rail Diogenes' Utopia Achievement

Achievements are always fun to chase in a game as big as Honkai: Star Rail. Some of them are only visible after finally obtaining them, but a huge part of them are already available with a brief description telling you what you should do to get them. 

The Diogenes’ Utopia achievement falls precisely into this category, but it goes as brief as possible in its description. It doesn’t say anything about what should be done, but the deed is just as simple as it’s stinky. Here’s what you need to do to get the Diogenes’ Utopia achievement in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Unlock the Diogenes’ Utopia Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail

You get this achievement by inspecting every single trash can in the Administrative District in Belobog and receiving their respective items. The added description reads “You’ve obtained every useful prop in the trash cans!”, and that’s kinda what happened. Congratulations, you little raccoon!

Honkai Star Rail Diogenes' Utopia Achievement
Screenshot by Prima Games

Whenever you see a trash can, notice if there’s any shiny effect on it. This indicates that you haven’t interacted with that one yet, so just keep literally trash-talking around the city until you see the achievement popping up. Only the Administrative District trash cans are required for the achievement, so you can ignore Boulder Town for that one. There’s a total of 20 trash cans scattered around the city, so take your time inspecting for your missing ones.

The achievement gives you five extra Stellar Jades and it’s marked on the Moment of Joy category in the Achievement menu. Not nearly enough for a single extra roll, but everything counts towards your savings, so why not go onto achievement-hunting once in a while?

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Remember that not all trash cans give you something and some only have some sweet flavor text to offer. But it’s so tasty that it would be a crime to sleep on those, so don’t waste your time and get on turning those trash cans up and down, back and forth. 

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