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How to Get the CS:GO 10 Year Coin

Awww, they grow up so fast

by Nikola L

Counter-Strike seems to be that one FPS game that never stops being popular, it just changes forms and evolves (from the original Counter-Strike mod, standalone Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source and other variations, and, of course, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). We are very close to the celebration of CS:GO’s 10th Birthday, and Valve has prepared a 10 Year Coin as a reward for the loyal player base. Prima Games will provide you with brief instructions on how to obtain the CS:GO 10-Year Coin in this article.

How to Unlock the CS:GO 10-Year Coin

Valve has decided to go all-out for the 10th birthday and is handing out a lot of cool stuff, including maps (Blagai and Primetime for Wingman, Anubis and Breach for Competitive Matchmaking), community-made capsules with 60 (yes, that’s SIXTY) community-made stickers, and more. Some people are even theorizing that CS:GO will hop on to Source 2 either on the birthday or sometime after the date, leaving Valve with the option to possibly announce it on the day.

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However, this is just speculation. Now, let’s get back to the subject. The first prerequisite to actually getting the 10-Year coin is to have Prime status on your account. If you do not have Prime status yet, you can buy it from the “Play” menu (you will see a blue “Buy Prime” button above the game mode selection). You can also open your profile on the right, which will also show the same “Buy Prime” button under your profile picture.

How to Obtain the CS:GO 10-Year Coin

After you have attained the Prime status, you will be able to level up your profile rank which is the second requirement to get the 10-Year coin. All you have to do is rank up your account once. It does not matter which game mode you are playing, you just need to keep completing the matches until your rank upgrades. And, that’s pretty much all there is to this process. You have until August 22 to unlock it so that you can forever cherish it in your inventory as a rare collectible.

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