How to Get the Chicago Sweeper in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

How to acquire and equip the Chicago Sweeper in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

Just like its many predecessors and the original game it was based on, the Resident Evil 4 Remake features a variety of unlockable, powerful weapons for players to obtain that can make higher-difficulty modes much easier. The newly released Separate Ways expansion is no exception, as the DLC introduces a few special armaments for Ada Wong to acquire, including a formidable SMG called the Chicago Sweeper (also featured in the base game of RE4). Here are the requirements and a walkthrough for how to obtain Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways’ deadliest bonus weapon, the Chicago Sweeper.

How to Unlock the Chicago Sweeper in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

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In order to unlock the Chicago Sweeper, RE4 Separate Ways players will need to complete the expansion pack with an “A” Rank or higher on Professional difficulty. In order to obtain an “A” Rank, gamers are required to complete the sizable Separate Ways DLC in under four hours. Although that may sound challenging, you can take on this challenge during a New Game plus run, which allows you to keep the upgraded weapons from a first playthrough of Separate Ways.

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Once you have completed an “A” Rank or higher run on Professional difficulty in Separate ways, the unlocked Chicago Sweeper can be purchased for 1,000 CP from the Extra Content Shop found in the main menu of Resident Evil 4.

How to Equip the Chicago Sweeper in Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

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The Chicago Sweeper can be equipped by using any of the many typewriters in Resident Evil 4’s Separate Ways DLC.

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Inside of the typewriter storage, you can find the Chicago Sweeper, as well as any other bonus weapons you may have acquired for Separate Ways. If you have room, you can add the item to your inventory free of charge, allowing Ada to start blasting away the many Plagas-infested horrors found in the newly released expansion pack.

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While the Chicago Sweeper is very powerful in its base form, the weapon can be made even more unstoppable through upgrades. What’s more, by using a ticket upgrade (which can be obtained through spending Spinel x25 at the Merchant, or buying an Exclusive Ticket with real-world money) the weapon can be enhanced with infinite ammo, giving Ada the ability to mow down the mind-controlled Illuminados hordes without even having to stop and reload.

In summation, here is a recap of how to obtain the Chicago Sweeper:

  • Get an “A” rank or higher during a run of Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways
  • Purchase the Chicago Sweeper from the Extra Content Shop for 1,000 CP
  • Add the powerful SMG to your inventory through an in-game typewriter

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