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How to Get The Bombardiers in Destiny 2

Leave behind a little surprise when dodging.

by Shawn Robinson
Destiny 2 The Bombardiers Exotic Armor

In Destiny 2, there’s nothing like getting an exotic piece of gear. Getting exotic cosmetics such as ships and ghost shells is nice, but having that piece of gear that drastically changes the item with a unique perk can make all the difference. Given that you can only have one exotic weapon and one exotic piece of armor at a time, the choice is very difficult. Because of that, having all of the options available to you can help to ensure you’re making the right choice for the job. Here’s how to get The Bombardiers exotic Hunter leg armor in Destiny 2.

Where to Find The Bombardiers Exotic in Destiny 2

Like many of the exotic items available in Destiny 2, The Bombardiers are part of the exotic engram loot table. This means you’ll need to get one if you want a chance to secure this exotic. There are many different ways to get an exotic engram. The one guaranteed way is to buy one from Xur each week, with hopes it’ll be The Bombardiers. You can also get one from Nightfalls, with the chance of an exotic drop as an end reward increasing based on difficulty. The Grandmaster difficulty will always give an exotic reward but is also very difficult to pull off. The final method is through random drops from enemies, though this can be very inconsistent.

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Once you get an exotic engram and luck gives you The Bombardiers, there are some interesting notes about its exotic perk for Hunters. With these equipped, dodging will leave behind an explosive that damages enemies nearby alongside an extra effect depending on what subclass you’re currently running:

  • Solar: Scorches enemies.
  • Arc: Blinds enemies.
  • Void: Suppresses enemies.
  • Stasis: Slows enemies.
  • Strand: Severs enemies.

Given the nature of this passive, this leg armor is best used in The Crucible with a shotgun build, benefitting Hunters who like to get up close and personal. PvE could have very situational uses, but it’s ill-advised when much better exotic armor for PvE exists. While on the topic of getting exotics, check out our guide on how to get the Quicksilver Storm in Destiny 2.

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