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How to Get the Blue Envelope in Persona 3 Reload

A great endeavor awaits

You go through a long journey in Persona 3 Reload, and it may be harder than usual depending on which difficulty you pick at the start of the game. But there are some rewards for overcoming these adversities such as the Blue Envelope, the final reward obtained in the game.

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Where to Get the Blue Envelope in Persona 3 Reload

The Blue Envelope is obtained by completing Persona 3 Reload on the Merciless difficulty. This is the hardest difficulty available and can only be selected when starting the game. If you ever change your difficulty at any point, you cannot go back to Merciless on the Settings menu during the rest of your playthrough. This is the hardest challenge in the game, and you should abide by it from the moment you choose it.

After seeing the game’s final credits, an extra scene with Elizabeth appears where she hands you the Blue Envelope. You don’t get this scene if you got the “bad” ending by choosing the wrong option on December 31st, so go for the game’s true ending. This is one of the few items that carry over to a Merciless New Game+, although it doesn’t have any special function nor does it grant you anything.

Its description says “At the end of a great trial, the answer illuminates my path”. Players have speculated that this is a reference to The Answer epilogue originally available on Persona 3 FES, which is now coming to Reload as part of its Expansion Pass in the future. Originally an extra 30-hour scenario that served as an epilogue to the main story, players controlled Aigis while searching for the truth behind what really happened during the game’s final moments.

It is currently unknown if players need to have the Blue Envelope to play this DLC. In the original FES release, The Answer had no requirements to be accessed. No mentions of needing to complete a Merciless run beforehand were made either during the DLC announcement.

Judging by its DLC status and the game’s extremely long length, it’s very unlikely that The Answer chapter would put up such an odd requirement out of a sudden to be accessed. In any case, you might want to give Merciless a try while waiting until September.

The most likely scenario is that the Blue Envelope is just a trophy item with some interesting flavor text much like the Platinum Bookmark obtained by defeating Elizabeth. The latter is also passed down on Merciless runs but doesn’t have any practical use either, so these are just some neat items that prove how dedicated to this game you are.

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