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Temerity Diablo 4
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Unique items are some of the best equipment pieces in Diablo 4, but they are also the most elusive when you start grinding for fresh gear. Temerity is just one of the great Unique items for players that enjoy Barriers, and I’m here to explain how you can get the armor and exactly what the effects are.

Where to Find Temerity Unique in Diablo 4

Temerity is a Unique armor drop that can be found by completing Nightmare Dungeons on World Tier 4, completing Grim Favors, or defeating World Bosses. These aren’t the only ways to earn Unique items in Diablo 4, but they are certainly some of your best chances. Any time I have found a unique, it has been through playing Nightmare Dungeons, which add modifiers at a more difficult level to standard dungeons. However, unique and Legendary items have random drop rates.

When you start playing the game on World Tier 3 or higher, Legendary and Unique items become far more frequent. World Tier 4 is also mandatory because Sacred and Unique items won’t drop on the lower tiers. So the world in Diablo 4 will get tougher, but your odds of finding Temerity as loot will increase. This is especially true for World Tier 4, where some Uniques are limited to the mode.

Temerity Unique Effect in Diablo 4 Explained

Using Temerity will give you a Barrier based on your maximum health when you overheal. In other words, the Temerity effect gives you a massive shield any time you heal too much. The percentages of the effect can change, but it helps to have a gauge of the numbers.

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When you heal past 100% of your health with an effect, you will gain a Barrier that is equal to 40-80% of your maximum health for 8 seconds. This is incredibly powerful for characters with any built-in healing. When you reach higher ranks, having that much of a shield can be a massive advantage.

Before you can get Temerity though, which is available for all classes, you must have World Tier unlocked 4. I have the perfect guide for you which goes over exactly how to get through the final capstone for World Tier 4 of Diablo 4.

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