How to Get Superhuman in Blox Fruits (Roblox)

How to get super-powered.

How to Get Superhuman in Blox Fruits
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Blox Fruits is another fun popular game created in Roblox, in which you can use fruit in the form of blocks. And also a master swordsman or martial artist. Blox Fruits is full of opportunities to explore the big seas, uncover secrets, challenge enemies, and fight tough boss battles. Unlocking some of the more advanced fighting styles requires some work, so check the guide below to quickly find out how to unlock the Superhuman fighting style.

How to Get Superhuman in Blox Fruits

To obtain the Superhuman fighting style in Blox Fruits you will need the following:

  • 300 Mastery on all other four martial arts fighting styles including Electric, Dark Step, Dragon Breath, and Water Kung Fu
  • 3,000,000 of in-game cash
  • Access to the 2nd sea

When you have leveled all the martial arts to their maximum and unlocked access to the second sea zone in the game, all that remains is to visit Snow Mountain and find the hidden cave there (it is located at the base of that zone between two blocks, you will spot a small opening). Inside the cave is a Martial Arts Master who will teach you Superhuman martial arts for a modest sum of 3,000,000.

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The Superhuman fighting style is, of course, a melee type with high combo potential, great stuns, and knockback moves that can be used in PVP. The Beast Owl Pounce, Thunder Clap, and Conqueror Gun abilities that are unlocked with this style are all rated A in damage, as Superhuman is the third most powerful fighting style in the game.

Now that you know how to become Superhuman in Blox Fruit, go and unlock this martial art that will make you feel like Goku or Superman.

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