How to Get Gems Fast in Anime Adventures

You need Gems? Here is how to get them.

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Anime Adventures will have you summoning various characters and using them as your turrets to defend different locations from numerous villains from anime series. Gems are used to summon new characters in the game, so you will need a large number of them if you want new summons. Here’s how to get Gems fast in Anime Adventures.

How to Obtain Gems Fast in Anime Adventures

There are a few ways you can earn Gems pretty fast in Anime Adventures:

Complete Daily Quests

The simplest option to get Gems is to play the game every day. You will get some for logging in daily, but the real numbers lie behind completing missions. 

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There are Event, Daily, and Main Quests. Each quest will give you a hefty amount of Gems to purchase your favorite anime characters. 

Infinite Mode Missions

Infinite Mode is a unique game mode and is not easy to unlock. However, once you beat the waves of enemies, you will get plenty of Gems. 

AFK Time Machine

The infamous AFK Time Machine is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get a large amount of Gems. The AFK Time Machine is located in the lobby next to the Play Area. Go to the machine and activate it by pressing ‘E’. 

You will be taken to the AFK zone, where you can get Gems by doing nothing, absolutely nothing. Yes, that is correct.

The longer you stay in the AFK zone, you will get more Gems. Just leave the game running, watch YouTube videos or make lunch, anything. Once you are back, you will have a ton of Gems. 

Redeem Codes

This is the easiest way to get thousands of Gems. There are a few websites where you can find codes and redeem them in the game, but where is the fun in that? If you resort to this option, just type in good Anime Adventures codes.

This is all you can do to get Gems pretty fast and easy in Anime Adventures. 

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