How to Unlock Infinite Mode in Anime Adventures

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How to Unlock Infinite Mode in Anime Adventures

Anime Adventures is another extremely fun game realized in the popular Roblox. It is a tower defense game where you protect the objects on the map from waves of enemies with characters “inspired” by heroes from famous anime series. If you get really good at it, you might want to try out Infinite Mode for the additional challenge and opportunity to earn some better rewards. Keep reading to learn how to unlock Infinite Mode in Anime Adventures.

How to Unlock Infinite Mode in Anime Adventures

To unlock Infinite Mode in Roblox Anime Adventures, you need to finish all of the stages in each world you want to play in Infinite mode. If a world has a certain number of levels, you need to clear all of them to be able to access the Infinite mode on that particular world. Infinite Mode can be very challenging especially if you run in combination with the hard difficulty, so it is important to have a roster of the most powerful characters available.

What are the Benefits of Infinite Mode in Anime Adventures?

Big challenge – big rewards. If you successfully reach the later enemy waves in Inifinite Mode on hard, you will get the Gems as a reward, making this mode a perfect way for farming those valuable items.

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If you want to try this game in Roblox, check the official page. The recent update added a new map called Ghoul City, new event quests, increased the unit level cap to 70, and hid some new secrets in the game.

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