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How to Get Softsilver Ore in FFXIV

Pretty hard to get, despite being soft

by Patrick Souza

Before you can get the stronger, definitive gear in Final Fantasy XIV, players have to do with crafted sets first. They are strong enough to get them through the entirety of the game’s content, but are definitely going to be replaced later down the line. They’re still your strongest option available, though, so it’s always a good choice to craft them. For that, you’ll probably need tons of rare materials such as the Softsilver Ore.

Introduced in Patch 6.4, Softsilver Ore is one of the many required materials in order to make the Diodochos gear, the strongest crafted equipment in Endwalker. People all around will be looking for these items, so here’s what you need to get them.

Where to Get Softsilver Ore in FFXIV

Softsilver Ore is obtained at Ultima Thule exclusively from an Elusive Node around (X: 16.8, Y: 29.2), with the nearest teleport being Reah Tahra. Equip Miner and wait for the spawning time (From 4am to 6am and from 4pm to 6pm Eorzea Time) for the Node to appear. Once you gather it, it will disappear until the clock makes the full run again.  

If you do not see the Node despite equipping the correct Job, chances are that you haven’t obtained and used the Tome of Geological Folklore – The Sea of Stars item yet, which allows you to see those special Nodes in the areas. You can get it from the Splendors Vendor at Radz-at-Han (X: 11.3, Y: 9.1) for a total of 1600 White Gatherers’ Scrips (total price for the Folklore Totems).

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The requirements are 3850 Perception to start gathering the nodes, while the Gathering Boom bonus is available after reaching over 4000 Perception, 3900 Gathering or 900 GP. The bonus helps you get extra items out of each node, which is great for later profits.

While I don’t have the necessary stats for gathering it yet, I’ll be sure to come back later so I can craft some Fending equipment pieces with it. Tanks will surely need some heavy protection in the final raid tier, so gathering these materials is vital for progression. Not much of a Tank player yourself? Each Ore goes for a good amount of Gil in the Market Board, so take this chance to make some extra profits!

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