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How to Get Field Mustard in FFXIV

Not the one you get on your sandwich

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Field Mustard

Endgame gear is easily obtained in FFXIV if you’re willing to spend some thousands of Gil in the Market Board. But if you want to supply the market with gear instead, you’ll have to go through some arduous tasks to get the items, assuming you’re not buying the materials from the MB directly. One of these materials is the Field Mustard, introduced in patch 6.4, The Dark Throne.

This item is indirectly necessary for making some of the best-crafted gear pieces from the patch, so there’s a huge demand for it. Here’s where you can get it.

Where to Find Field Mustard in Final Fantasy XIV

Field Mustard can be obtained from Elusive Nodes in Garlemald, found at (X: 18.1, Y: 11.8), so you might wanna take the Tertium teleport as it’s the nearest. The nodes will come around at an Eorzean Time 12-hour cycle, lasting from 10AM to 12PM and later from 10PM to 12AM

Remember that before you go after those nodes, you must first need to get the Tome of Botanic Folklore – Ilsabard and The Northern Empty for some Gatherers’ Scrips from the Splendors Vendor at Radz-at-Han (X: 11.3, Y: 9.1) You won’t see anything at Garlemald without using the Folklore first, despite seeing tons of people gathering the Mustard.

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It also requires having at least 3850 Perception to begin gathering it, and you’ll need to have even higher stats for obtaining the node’s bonuses. Getting Scrip gear is not enough, so having a mix of pentamelded Indagator set pieces with the complete Relic tools is your best bet to do it. Pentamelded tools work too.

The best food you can for a stat boost is the Jhinga Curry, but it won’t give out any extra Perception. There are actually no food or medicine items that boost it, so it only works for the boosted loot. If you still need Perception, it might be time to gear up. 

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