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How to Get Dark Cherry Log in FFXIV

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by Patrick Souza

With a new big patch dropping in FFXIV, crafters have immediately started speedrunning the new recipes to make the new combat gear. Use it or sell it; there’s a lot of value to be gained here. The Diadochos weapons that were introduced in patch 6.4, The Dark Throne, tend to use some difficult materials to get, such as the Dark Cherry Lumber, which in turn needs Dark Cherry Logs to make.

They can be quite expensive in the Market Board, and the goal when crafting an item is usually to avoid having to pay for it, so it might be better to simply hunt for them. Well, here’s where you can get them.

Where to Find Dark Cherry Logs in FFXIV

Dark Cherry Logs are obtained in Ephemeral Nodes at Labyrinthos around (X: 18.8 ,Y: 36.2). Take the Aporia teleport for faster travel. They appear every 12 in-game hours, from 2am to 4am, and later at 2pm to 4pm Eorzea Time (ET). If you don’t see the ET at the in-game clock (usually at the top right corner by default), click on it until it changes to ET.

The nodes won’t appear unless you bought the Tome of Botanic Folklore – Ilsabard and The Northern Empty from the Splendors Vendor at Radz-at-Han (X: 11.3, Y: 9.1). If you have it unlocked already, you’ll receive the Legendary Mature Tree notification as soon as you step in the map at the appropriate time.

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For the node itself, you better be a damn good Botanist ‘cause these nodes aren’t easy to gather either. You’ll need at least 3850 Perception to even try to gather it, and equally high Gathering/GP to successfully get some extra bounty. This is most easily achievable with pentamelded ilvl 620 gear (the Indagator set), which can also be quite expensive to get.

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If you feel like needing some even bigger boost, Jhinga Curry or even a feeble Sideritis Cookie can get you some extra gathering stats for your perfect chopping. After you finally get your Logs, be ready since crafting the Lumber pieces is not a walk in the park either, and you’ll probably need some equally powerful crafter gear to do so.

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