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How to Get Small Scale in Wild Hearts

Making these toxic lizards love me one surprise petting at a time

by Daphne Fama

Wild Hearts is essentially Princess Mononoke meets Monster Hunter, and there is no shortage of creatures to pet (or kill). The interaction with the various monsters, called Kemono, is essential if you want to have any hope of bringing down the Giant Kemono that is ravaging the land. To that end, here is how to get Small Scale in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Small Scale in Wild Hearts

Many of the first Kemono you will encounter in Wild Hearts are passive, if not skittish. There are a handful that will happily take a bite out of you. It is one of these monsters that holds a very important item: the small scale. The small scale is essential in crafting both armor and weapons, and naturally they are attached to a reptile.

He did not want a hug

Early game, you will want to find the nearest Springwatch Monitor, a giant green lizard covered in moss. These Kemono are scattered across the starting area, but they can easily blend in with their environment, making them difficult to spot. Another option, if you are a little further in the game, is the Nightshade Monitor, which is little black and far more toxic, as it has toxic, flower-like parasites covering its body.

Hugging or slaying these Kemono will give get you the same reward: a Lizard Bloom or Small Scale. If you really want to maximize your gains and send some mixed signals, you can do both. But be fast! Most Kemono will immediately scuttle off once you hug them.

But be weary… many of these lizards don’t want to be hugged at all.

As for their precise locations: Springwatch Monitor’s prefer the Southeast and Nightshade Monitors prefer the Southwest.

  • Windswept Plain (Springwatch)
  • Forgotten Burial Ground (Springwatch)
  • Southern Obsidian Cave (Springwatch)
  • Buddha Cave (Nightshade Monitor)
  • Six Points Lagoon (Nightshade Monitor)

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