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How to Get Lizard Blooms in Wild Hearts

This lizard does not want to be pet

by Daphne Fama

Wild Hearts is a game that centers around killing beautifully designed, Ghibli-style monsters and harvesting their body parts in order to upgrade your ever-increasing arsenal of weapons. Early on, one of the most useful body parts is the Lizard Bloom. Here is how to get Lizard Blooms in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Lizard Blooms in Wild Hearts

One of the first enemies you will encounter is the Springwatch Monitor, a reptile covered in scales that have spawned from moss and grasses. Despite that, this furry monitor is not nearly as peace-loving as you would hope. In fact, the 5-foot-long monstrosities are fairly likely to take a bite out of you as soon as they see you.

Unfortunately, these giant Monitors are the source of Lizard Blooms. Generally, you will see two of these Springwatch Monitors at a time, and they will be fairly close to the Giant Tree Trunk Camp. A second option is the Nightshade Monitor, which also produces Lizard Blooms. Here is where I have encountered them:

  • Windswept Plain (Springwatch)
  • Forgotten Burial Ground (Springwatch)
  • Buddha Cave (Nightshade Monitor)
  • Six Points Lagoon (Nightshade Monitor)

You can opt to either pet or kill these monitor lizards to get a Lizard Bloom. Either way, they will only drop one. I have found that these scaly guys are a little resistant to surprise fondling, which is fair. So, be prepared for them to get snappy. Of course, if you want to be really efficient you can also pet and then kill them in order to get two Blooms. However, you will have to be fast, as they will scuttle off quickly.

Once you have gathered enough Lizard Bloom, knock yourself out crafting items like the Fresh Fern Body Armor, which will give you resilience against both Grass and Earth damage.

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