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How to Get Silphsela in Warframe

Another resource to add to the dozen other ones from Duviri.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Silphsela

The brand new Duviri location in Warframe is home to all sorts of horrors and riches, though like any new location, also includes plenty of resources you’ll need to farm for the brand new weapons. Some of these new resources can only be found under certain conditions, including the new Silphsela resource. Here’s how to get Silphsela in Warframe.

Where to Find Silphsela in Warframe

Silphsela is most easily acquired by finding the Sun Silph plants scattered across Duviri. The locations for these resources can vary, though you’ll have the best luck in locations such as Mathila’s Farm, the Royalstead Pastures, and Lunaro Court. Once you find a Sun Silph plant (they look like golden flowers), hit it and it’ll drop a small handful of Silphsela for you to collect. Another method is during the Anger Spiral, with Silphsela spawning in the air around Duviri as small firey objects. If you want to collect these, you’ll need to use your Kaithe.

Once you have some Silphsela, you’ll be able to use it on the new weapons added with the Duviri Paradox update. 45 are required for the Sun & Moon, along with 20 for the Sampotes. The Lower Limb of the Cinta bow also requires 20 Silphsela to build, so you’ll have a few uses for the plant. We suggest getting enough for the Cinta, since the bow can act as a less strong but equally fun alternative to the Nataruk bow.

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Along with Silphsela, you’ll also want to be sure to collect Kovnik from the small plants across Duviri. It’s used in far more recipes than the Silphsela, though is much more common to compensate. You’ll also need plenty of Lamentus, which drop from the Dax soldiers you fight. Provided you play it enough though, you shouldn’t have much issue getting the resource.

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