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How to Get Shiny Swampert in Pokemon GO

Get yourself a purple mud fish.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Shiny Swampert

Any shiny that you catch in Pokemon GO is worth celebrating, and the feeling of finding one never gets old. However, nothing quite beats getting a hold of a popular one like shiny Swampert, due to the color that it has and its status among fans as one the best starters.

Swampert has been around in Pokemon GO for quite a while now, and there has been ample opportunity to look for rare catches. But another opportunity is around the corner for a shiny Swampert, and we’re here to outline how you can take advantage of the event now or in the future.

Pokemon GO – How to Catch a Shiny Swampert

Unless the final form is part of a Special Research reward, there is usually no way to catch a shiny third form in the wild, but we’ll get back to that later. We should start with the best way to get a hold of a shiny Swampert, and that’s by looking for a Mudkip in the wild.

During the Primal Rumblings event that runs from February 22 to March 1, Mudkip will have plenty of opportunities to spawn in the wild. To make your chances of a shiny Mudkip even better, there is a global Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event that will be live from February 25 to February 26. During that time, you should use as many Incense Lures as possible, along with Lure Modules.

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Events like these typically have shiny boosts, and your chances of a shiny Mudkip that will evolve into a shiny Swampert will increase drastically. If you happen to miss this event, you can still catch a shiny Mudkip in the wild. The chances will be much lower at 1 in 500, but it’s still possible in Pokemon GO.

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