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How to Get Shiny Marill in Pokemon Go

Personally, I like my mice green.

by Daphne Fama

Marill has been a historically difficult Pokemon to find in Pokemon GO, with it rarely showing up in Raids and Research Events. But for as long as the Twinkling Fantasy Event runs, Marill will be far more common! But just your standard blue Marill won’t do, will it? No, the absolute best Marill to poach during this event will be the color of an unripe papaya.

Here’s how to get your very own Shiny Marill in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Shiny Marill in Pokemon Go

We’re well into the thick of the Twinkling Fantasy Event, and this is the ideal time to search for the Water Mouse. The Twinkling Fantasy Event runs from January 10 to January 16, 2023, ending at 10 PM local time.

During this time, you’ll be able to encounter Marill in two different ways. The one that essentially leaves it up to luck is through Wild Encounters. Wild Encounters are just the Pokemon you see around the Overworld, minding their own business.

The second option you have is to seek Marill out in 1-Star Raids. It will feature heavily along with Jigglypuff, Axew, and Deino. But 1-Star Raids are plentiful, so you should have no problem finding Marill, especially if you’re in an urban area. RIP to our rural players and suburbanites.

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What’s difficult is actually finding a Marill that’s Shiny. In Wild Encounters, your likelihood of finding a Shiny Marill is 1 in 500. But in a Raid, it’s 1 in 20. For that reason, it’s a little easier to farm out raids if, again, you have a lot of them in your area. Otherwise, it all boils down to luck and clicking a lot of blue mice.

An added benefit of adding Shiny Marill to your team? Marilla is part of the Collection Challenge. If you catch all 10 of the Fairy and Dragon-Type Pokemon type Pokemon associated with the challenge, you’ll get 50x Salamence Mega Energy, 1 Charge TM, and 1 Fast TM. And isn’t it nice to be rewarded for something you would do anyway?

Good luck, trainer!

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