How to Get Shenron Glider in Fortnite

Time to collect those Dragon Balls. Not for Krillin this time.

The Dragon Ball and Fortnite crossover is underway. While players are blasting buildings with Kamehameha’s and soaring through the air on a Nimbus Cloud, they are also working towards challenges. What do players receive for completing these? Here’s how to get the Shenron glider in Fortnite.

How to Get Shenron Glider in Fortnite

When you log into Fortnite for the first time during this event, you’ll be prompted to check out the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed page. Here is where you will find all the rewards earned during the event. The ultimate price is the Shenron glider.

To obtain this glider, you must complete seven sets of challenges to collect the seven dragon balls. This will unlock Shenron. Not all challenges are active and will open over the next few days. These will range from joining a versus battle in different matches to finding various Dragon ball characters around the island.

Eat set only requires you to complete three challenges to obtain the dragon ball. So if you find some more accessible than others, you’ll want to target those first.

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Once you have gathered all seven dragon balls, it’s time to summon Shenron and obtain the green dragon as your new glider. It’s pretty straightforward but will take a few matches to gather all of them. Luckily you have roughly two weeks to get everything done.

There are also some other goodies you can unlock via this pass, most notably the charging up emote at the end of the pass.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get the Shenron glider in Fortnite. You should take a peek if you haven’t looked at the new Dragon Ball skins in the store. Also, if you’re having trouble finding capsules on the map, we’ve got you covered.

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