How to Get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits

Find out how to get this excellent fighting Art quickly in Blox Fruits.

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Having a unique fighting style can make you the master of PVP and Mobs, so learning how to get Sanguine quickly is important. Let’s set sail on an adventure and find out how to get this blood-based battle stance quickly.

Where To Get Sanguine Art In Blox Fruits

To get your hands on Sanguine quickly and easily, you’ll want to set sail toward Tiki Outpost, which is found in the Third Sea. You’ll need to ensure that you’re at least level 2450 to get your hands on this fighting Art, so be sure that you’re prepared. Once you arrive at Tiki Outpost, you’ll need to obtain the Beast Hunter Boat, the Harpoon, and the Leviathan Heart. You’ll need the following items to unlock Sanguine;

  • x1 Leviathan Heart
  • x2 Dark Fragments
  • x20 Demonic Wisps
  • x20 Vampire Fangs
  • x5,000 Fragments
  • $5,000,000 Money

After obtaining these items, you’ll want to head to the Main Building located on Tiki Outpost. Find an NPC by the name of Shafi and hand over your materials alongside the money listed above. After you hand everything over, you can utilize Sanguine and all of its unique combos to your advantage. Get ready for one of the more complex fighting styles in the game, and get ready to showcase your new powers against players in PVP.

What makes Sanguine a great fighting Art to have in your arsenal? Well, it’s great for grinding because there is little to no recharge time on M1 hits, so you can demolish any foes you come across on your journey. While it may not be the best fighting art in the game, it’s already a very competent Art to have in your arsenal.

Looking for more help, or just need to get your hands on the Sound Fruit or Mammoth Fruit to make your Sanguine build complete? We’ve got you covered in our Roblox section below. Get plenty of guides and experience recommendations to ensure you’re ready to roll once the next update hits Blox Fruits.

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