How to Get Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits

Find out how to claim this Mythical Beast fruit in Blox Fruits.

The variety of different Fruits available to you in Blox Fruits continues to grow, much like you will when you get your hands on the Mammoth Fruit. Let’s find out where to get this new Mythical fruit in Blox Fruits.

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Where To Get Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits

Much like the Sound Fruit, you can get your hands on the Mammoth Fruit by visiting any of the Fruit Dealers available in the game. While their inventory is randomized, you may be lucky enough to find the Mammoth Fruit quickly. With the Mammoth Fruit being a Mythical Fruit, you’re going to need a fair bit of cash to add it to your inventory using the following currencies:

  • $2,700,000 Money
  • 2,350 Robux

Where Can I Find Blox Fruits Dealers in Blox Fruits?

While their inventory may be randomized, the locations where you can find Blox Fruits Dealers are not. They will always spawn in the following locations:

  • Pirate/Marine Starter Island
  • Middle Town
  • Dressarosa Docks
  • Cafè
  • Mansion
  • Port Town

If these particular dealers don’t have the item that you’re searching for, you can always check in with the Advanced Fruit Dealers. Since they have a minimum requirement of 7 fruits, compared to the standard three that Fruit Dealers can sometimes spawn with, there is a better chance of getting the Mammoth Fruit. You can find the Advanced Fruit Dealer on Mirage Island.

Should I Buy Fruits with Money or Robux in Blox Fruits?

If you’ve got the spare cash lying around, it’s always better to buy Fruits with Robux. The main reason for this is that you can always revisit a Dealer and get your fruit back, even if they don’t have it in their current inventory. When you buy a Fruit with money in the game, you could lose the current fruit you have equipped, which makes you have to purchase it again with more money once it comes back into stock.

Can You Find the Mammoth Fruit While Playing Blox Fruits?

If you’re hoping to save the cash that you’ve accumulated over your playtime, you may be wondering if the Mammoth Fruit will ever spawn in the wild. Thankfully, it can, but it is very unlikely that it will. As a Mythical fruit, it’s already rather rare, so there’s going to be a very low percentage chance that it will spawn in the overworld. However, if luck is on your side, you may be able to track one down during the random times that these fruits drop throughout the world.

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