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How to Get Rid of Black Bars in CS:GO

These stretches allegedly make you aim easier.

Many CS:GO players prefer to use non-traditional video settings during competitive matches. This involves playing the game in a stretched 4:3 aspect ratio on a wide aspect ratio monitor, without black bars on the sides of the screen. It is debatable whether playing stretched in CS:GO is simply a placebo effect that improves gameplay. However, if you want to remove the black bars and play stretched, I am here to help. I will guide you on how to get rid of black bars in CS:GO.

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How to Stretch 4:3 Resolution to Widescreen in CS:GO and Remove Black Bars

Depending on which graphics card you are using, you will have to apply one of these two methods in order to achieve a stretched resolution in CS:GO.

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How to Remove Black Bars in CS:GO for Nvidia GPU

In order to remove black bars in CS:GO for NVIDIA Graphics Cards, open your NVIDIA Control Panel. On the left, you will find “Adjust desktop size and position.” Click that, and then you will see the “Scaling” card and the “Full-screen” radio button. Select it. Hit save and confirm changes if everything is looking OK on your screen.

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Before we go through the next step, let’s check out what needs to be done for AMD Radeon GPUs.

How to Remove Black Bars in CS:GO for AMD Radeon GPU

In your taskbar, right-click on the AMD icon and enter AMD Radeon Settings. In the new window that appears, go to the Games section, and select Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from there. Under Display Scaling, you select “Full Panel.

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How to Remove Black Bars in CS:GO Video Settings

When you are done, go to CS:GO and check the following video settings:

  • Display Mode – Fullscreen (so that other settings open up).
  • Aspect Ratio – Normal 4:3.
  • Resolution – Choose what works for your monitor.
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