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Where to Get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4

Looking for an easy uber unique?

With the changes to Diablo 4’s endgame and itemization systems, players can finally have an easier way to get an uber unique by crafting one using Resplendent Sparks. Here’s the best way to get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4.

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How to Get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4

There are four ways to get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 Season 4. Here are all the methods you can use:

  • Finishing any of the Tormented Echo Bosses such as Duriel and Andariel
  • Beating Uber Lilith
  • Salvaging an uber unique item
  • Reaching the max tier (tier 18) with the Iron Wolves

Some methods are limited because you can only receive a Resplendent Spark once for beating any of the Tormented Echo bosses and Uber Lilith.

However, you can get a Resplendent Spark every time you salvage an uber unique item. However, this method isn’t as feasible because it may take thousands of hours of farming to get just one.

The biggest trick here is reaching the max tier with the Iron Wolves. Once you reach the max tier with the Iron Wolves on one character, you can create another character, and the reputation will reset for that newly created character.

In cases where you are using a particular build that isn’t strong against bosses, it is much easier to create multiple characters and grind reputations with the Iron Wolves to farm your Resplendent Sparks.

For builds that are able to finish Tormented Echo Bosses (they are level 200, by the way), you should start farming Stygian Stones and all the other summoning materials to spawn a Tormented Echo Boss.

All Craftable Uber Uniques in Diablo 4

To craft an uber unique, you need four Resplendent Sparks and 50 million gold. Both are extremely hard to acquire, but if you are already farming at least four Resplendent Sparks through multiple characters, you’ll easily get 50 million gold before getting the Sparks.

Here’s a list of all the uber uniques you can craft:

  • Andariel’s Visage
  • Doombringer
  • Harlequin Crest
  • Melted Heart of Selig
  • Ring of Starless Skies
  • The Grandfather
  • Tyrael’s Might

Once you have the materials to craft an uber unique, make sure you are absolutely sure about what uber unique to craft. You might spend all that time farming Resplendent Sparks and end up crafting the wrong item for your build.

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