Profane Mindcages
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How to Get Profane Mindcages in Diablo 4 Season 4

Level up in Helltides fast!

Profane Mindcages were introduced in Diablo 4’s Loot Reborn season where they implemented a massive Helltide rework. These Profane Mindcages work like Elixirs in the sense of increasing your experience gain in Helltides indirectly. Here’s the best way to get Profane Mindcages in Diablo 4 Season 4.

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Where to Get Profane Mindcage in Diablo 4 Season 4

Profane Mindcages is an exclusive consumable obtained from Helltide events. It is similar to elixirs in the sense that you get increased experience gained by increasing the level of the enemies in Helltides. Once you consume a Profane Mindcage, all monsters in Helltide events gain an additional 10 levels and drop more Aberrant Cinders. Since monsters get 10 more levels, you gain more experience. For the additional Aberrant Cinder drops, you can open more expensive chests like the Living Steel chest, which costs 275 Aberrant Cinders.

These Profane Mindcages drop from Hellborne enemies (tier three or above) spawned by the Helltide marked meter located under your Aberrant Cinder and Baneful Heart icons.

Once this meter is full, random Hellborne enemies spawn and attack you at your exact location. The meter will decrease until it is empty and summon one last Hellborne elite that drops a single Profane Mindcage.

It is quite a struggle to farm these Profane Mindcages because you have to fill up the meter first before spawning the elite Hellborne enemy.

Here are some tricks to help you get more Profane Mindcages:

  • You have to eliminate the enemies to fill up the meter, so farm Helltide events such as the Baneful Heart Altars.
  • Encourage party play so that other players can also fill up their meters and spawn their own Hellborne enemy.
  • Try to eliminate as many elites (even the Maiden boss) as possible in Helltides, as it has a low chance of dropping Profane Mindcages.

Upon consuming a Profane Mindcage, you’ll gain the buff, but if you die, you’ll lose the effect, unlike the elixirs. The buff forces you to play safely so that you don’t use up too many Profane Mindcages. On the bright side, the effect lasts for an hour, which is basically the length of a Helltide event in a region. You’ll get a ton of additional Aberrant Cinders, so make sure you are using them to open Helltide chests and get more Baneful Hearts to activate more events.

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