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How to Get Prime Status on CS:GO

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For years now, CS:GO has significantly shaped the multiplayer FPS scene, and with Counter-Strike 2 on its way, this effect will continue for years. However, where there’s good, there’s also bad, particularly when you encounter cheaters in your games and feel frustrated during matches. Fortunately, there is a way to combat this, but it’ll take some work. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to get the Prime Status upgrade in CS:GO.

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How to Get Prime Status on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The main way to get Prime Status is to purchase it through CS:GO’s official Steam page or in-game. It’s priced at US$15 and is available in both CS:GO and Counter-Strike 2 when it releases. Since Prime carries over to CS2, you won’t have to worry about repurchasing it later.

Alternatively, you’ll automatically get Prime if you previously bought CS:GO before it became free-to-play. You can also get it if your in-game level is 21 or above! Playing in online matches will naturally increase your level, allowing you to get the upgrade without spending money.

How to Get Prime Status CSGO
A Prime Status icon in your Play menu shows you have the upgrade!

If you think you have Prime from using these methods but are unsure how to check, head into the “Play CS:GO” menu and look for the Prime Enabled icon shown above.

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What Does Prime Status Do in CS:GO?

The main benefit of buying Prime is exclusive matchmaking with other Prime players. While those without it can still play CS:GO without issues, anyone with Prime Status can enter matches with others who bought it. In short, it helps you avoid cheaters or other rule-breakers who hop on a free-to-play account and enter regular public lobbies. Even though you may occasionally encounter them, most don’t want to spend $15 just to get banned shortly after.

Plus, well, good luck to them with getting the VAC ban removed from their Steam account.

Don’t worry, though. This doesn’t mean that you can only play with Prime people. If you have friends who do not have Prime Status, you can enter pre-made lobbies and matchmake in non-Prime games. However, this turns the match into a non-Prime game, so you’ll likely play with and against other non-Prime players. You also can’t use this feature as a non-Prime player to enter Prime-only games.

Another benefit to having Prime Status is getting the chance to obtain random cases and souvenirs. With this, you can either pick up some neat items and use them yourself or sell them on the market to make some of your money back. Just make sure you’re using a good ol’ trustworthy CS:GO skin trading site and stay safe while venturing down that route.

CS:GO is available to play on PC through Steam. To learn more about the game, you can explore our full CS:GO content list by clicking the tag below!

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