How to Get Polymer in Starfield

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How to Get Polymer in Starfield

Compared to other resources in Starfield, polymer is a high-value material that you likely won’t often encounter throughout your regular travels. If you plan on completing every research project or enjoy creating weapon and spacesuit mods, you’ll eventually spot polymer occasionally as a required crafting material. Continue reading to learn how to get polymer in Starfield.

Starfield: Where to Find Polymer

There are three main ways to get polymer in Starfield:

  • Buy from merchants
  • Harvest from planets and enemy ships
  • Defeat enemies and loot them

Like most materials in Starfield, the easiest way to obtain polymer is by visiting a store, browsing their resource options, and checking if it is available. My go-to is Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, but many shops in major settlements will work as long as they sell crafting resources. If you don’t see any polymer, wait for 24 in-game hours before returning and rechecking the list.

Polymer in Shop Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games (click to enlarge)

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Crafting components are also available as a drop from storage containers and enemies. However, the items you get from these are random, so there are few ways to guarantee you’ll get polymer from a particular area or enemy.

Another way to quickly get polymer is by exploring planets and scanning flora and fauna, checking which provides it as a resource. When you find a plant or animal that drops polymer, focus on farming them before moving on to the next planet and repeating the process.

You can also make things easier by upgrading your Scavenging skill to rank four, highlighting tracked resources while using your hand scanner.

What Is Polymer Used for in Starfield?

Polymer is an exotic organic resource used in research projects and crafting. The first time I noticed it was while researching a level one helmet mod project, appearing in other recipes later in the game.

Starfield Polymer in Research Project
Screenshot by Prima Games (click to enlarge)

Although it isn’t used as often as common-grade materials, having some on hand is still helpful, especially if you plan on completing every research project.

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