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How to Get Play Rough TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Who knew fairies could play so rough?

by Daphne Fama

Few moves are as potent as Fairy moves. As one of the newest typings in Pokemon, it’s gotten a lot of love (and a few tweaks), which has kept it in the metagame both competitively and casually. But not many Fairy moves stand out as much as Play Rough.

Play Rough is a Fairy Physical move with fantastic base damage at 90. But if that wasn’t enough, there’s a chance that this move will also lower the Special Attack of its target. Just salt in the wound. Unsurprisingly, this strong attack is a favorite on certain Pokemon, like Tera Raid Sweeper, Iron Hands.

But how do you get this powerful move for yourself in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

How to Get Play Rough TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

TM 127 Play Rough can actually be found in two areas. The first is in East Province Area Two, just west of the associated Pokemon Center. This is likely only accessible if you have the ability to fly, using the watchtower to the south, or if you can climb.

Location 1

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The second option is to head towards South Province Area Six. This location is a bit more of a pain to get to. The easiest way to access it is to fly to Alfornada, travel east, and then climb onto the stone hill close to the river. Play Rough will be on a ledge that you can fall to below this stone hill. If you don’t have the ability to climb, it can be easy to fall right past it.

Location 2

If you do get it, return to the Pokemon Center and speak to the Technical Machine Machine. It will be able to craft Play Rough for only 10,000 LP, 3 Tandemaus Fur, 5 Fidough Fur, and 3 Tinkatink Hair. A fair trade!

Good luck finding Play Rough, trainer.

Daphne Fama

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