How to Get Past the Umbral Entity in Lords of the Fallen

You're one spooky eye door away from a great big world that wants to kill you

In Lords of the Fallen, your biggest weapon against those who would seek to strike you down is, unsurprisingly, your weapon. But your second greatest weapon is the Umbral Lamp, which is instrumental in traversing some landscapes, defeating certain enemies, and revealing some pretty traumatic history. And you guessed it; it comes in handy when trying to get past a certain Umbral Entity in Lords of the Fallen.

How To Get Through Umbral Entity Door in Lords of the Fallen

As you traverse through the Lords of the Fallen tutorial, you’ll encounter a handful of decrepit enemies. But you’ll also encounter a door, which draws moths to it like a flame. Lift your Umbral Lantern, and you’ll see that there’s an eye at the center of the door, blocking your progress.

Fortunately, getting past the Umbral Entity is easy enough.

The Umbral Entity is the first step in learning how to use one of your most important accessories, the Umbral Lantern. Lift your Umbral Lantern. For those on Xbox and Playstation, you can do this by pressing the L2 button on PS5 or the Xbox. If you’re on PC, you can lift the Umbral Lantern by pressing ‘Q’. Then, while facing the door, turn to your left, looking almost behind you.

You should see the prison bars are now transparent. So long as you’re holding up the Umbral Gauntlet, you can walk right through certain objects.

Follow the new path, and you’ll eventually work your way through the building until you’re in the opening above the door. Here, you’ll find a parasite that will only be revealed by the Umbral Gauntlet, which you must suck out with your Umbral Entity. Doing so will cause the door to open, revealing the vast and grim world of Mournstead.

As you might expect, you’ll use the Umbral Lantern quite a bit in this game. So, whenever you hit a dead end, don’t be afraid to whip it out and look around.

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