How to Get Out of Jail in Starfield

There's no get out of jail free card here!

Starfield UC Vanguard Jail on New Atlantis
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The Settled Systems in Starfield are a place of law and order. There are rules every citizen and roughian must adhere to; otherwise, you run the risk of spending time behind bars. If you’re caught committing a crime in, say, New Atlantis, you can bet the UC Vanguard won’t take kindly to your presence for very long. They’re liable to toss you in the brig. Here’s how to get out of jail in Starfield with a sparkling record!

How to Stay Out of Jail in Starfield

First and foremost, if you wish to remain free and clear of a jail cell in Starfield, know what types of crimes will land you behind bars. These crimes include:

  • Stealing: If you pickpocket or scoop up any old item lying around someone else’s property, you’ll receive a bounty, and the authorities will attempt to arrest you. You’ll know it’s a stolen item by the red icon.
  • Assault: By attacking another character in the city, you’re breaking the more heinous laws in a modern civilization. You can bet the UC Vanguard will be on you, weapons drawn, rather quickly to lay down the law.
  • Contraband: While it’s an excellent way to make credits, moving and selling contraband is frowned upon in the Settled Systems. Be prepared to pay a hefty price for transporting contraband if you’re caught.

If you do happen to commit any such crimes, there are a few different methods to avoid landing in jail in Starfield.

  • Pay: You can pay a fine, usually a few hundred credits, to avoid spending a night in jail.
  • Fight/Escape: If you’re feeling brave, challenge the authorities to a gun battle and make your escape.
  • Avoid Detection: If you’re a smooth criminal, just avoid detection altogether. If you steal or smuggle, take steps to avoid the authorities and protect your stolen possessions.

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How to Get Out of Jail

Starfield Criminal in a Jail Cell
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Unlike in past games, like Skyrim, you won’t physically wind up in a jail cell in Starfield. Instead, the police will attempt to detain you and then provide you with the choice of paying, spending some time in jail, or attacking/leaving the scene.

If you choose not to pay or attack, you can spend a few days in jail. The time passes automatically, and you blink back into existence in the police station with a note on your HUD telling you how much time has passed and that the authorities have confiscated your stolen goods.

It’s a little anticlimactic. But hey, anything to get back to exploring the massive world that is Starfield!

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