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How to Get More Housing in Civ 6: Housing Guide

Great houses for great civilizations.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Get More Housing in Civ 6 Housing Guide

Developing entire civilizations has always been fun in Sid Meyers’ legendary management simulation. Civilizations are made of people, and people need a lot of things to be able to thrive, although the basic thing that people need is, of course, a place where they will live, i.e. housing. So what should you do when you need to house more people in order to progress your civilization in Civ 6? Let’s find out.

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How to Get More Housing in Civ 6: Housing Guide

There are several ways to increase housing in Civilization 6. To start, with when planning a building, think about starting housing bonuses:

  • Building without water gives you the default +2 housing bonus
  • Building near the sea gives you a +3 housing bonus
  • Living near fresh water gives you a +5 housing bonus

Other ways to raise Housing points in the further construction phase of the city consist of the construction of certain buildings that bring Housing bonuses:

  • Granary gives +2 Housing
  • Barracks and Encampment provides +1 Housing
  • Stable adds +1 Housing
  • Military Academy gives +1 in Housing
  • Lighthouse and Harbor gives +1 Housing
  • Placing City Center near the Coast gives +3 Housing
  • Advanced Religious Building and Pagodas bring +1 Housing
  • University and Campus gives +1 Housing
  • Building sewers in Industrial Era provide +2 Housing

Additionally, having some great people in your civilization can give you additional housing, so look for the next three great engineers:

  • Mimar Sinan gives +1 Housing
  • John Roebling gives +2 Housing
  • Jane Drew gives +4 in Housing

Lastly, having some policies can improve your housing limit too:

  • Insulae provides +1 (if you have at least two cities)
  • Monarchy adds +2 Housing (in every city that has at least one Medieval Wall)
  • Medina Quarter adds +2 Housing (for cities with at least three districts)
  • New Deal gives up to +4 Housing (for cities with at least three districts)

…and if you still need more housing, try building some of the wonders:

  • Angkor Wat +1 Housing (all cities)
  • Hanging Gardens +2 Housing
  • Temple of Artemis +3 Housing
  • Great Bath +3 Housing

Those were almost all of the additional ways to increase the Housing limit in Civilization 6. It is very important that you take into account that your maximum House limit is always higher than what is currently needed in order to be able to further develop your cities and civilization. Have fun!

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