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How to Get Money Fast in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Wake up Samurai, we have money to earn.

by Jesse Vitelli

Money is the lifeblood of everything in this world. Yes, even video games. In Like A Dragon: Ishin, you’ll need to be flush with cash to do basically anything in the game, and the further you get in everything, the more money healing items, crafting, and supplies will cost you. Here’s how to get money fast in Like A Dragon: Ishin.

How to Get Money Fast in Like A Dragon: Ishin

There are a few different ways to get money fast in Like A Dragon: Ishin. The most consistent way is once you’ve unlocked the “Another Life” areas in the game during chapter 5. Once you can start farming and cooking at your new home, you can send off your creations using the delivery system. You can complete these as often as you like as long as you have the required materials.

Deliveries can offer you anywhere form 1,000 mon to 5,000 mon depending on the required materials. You can continually farm, cook, and fish your way to a lavish life of the rich and famous.

The other easy way to get money fast is to run around town and fight the random Ruffians and Outlaws. If you do well in a fight, you can earn upwards of 3,000 mon per fight, and if you’re skilled at combat in this game, you can make quick work of these NPCs.

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You’ll be granted 200 RYO (200,000 Mon) for completing the main story, which can come in huge handy for crafting and paying off your debt.

You can also compete in Chicken races which can earn you some big money if you’re willing to bet high. This is a little less consistent but still a way to walk out with your pockets full of coin.

Earning money in Like A Dragon: Ishin is something that almost every activity in the game will give you. You can sell unused items at the pawn shops around Kyo for some extra money, too, if you still need it. There are plenty of other things to do in Like A Dragon: Ishin; here are all of the recipes you can cook and the ingredients needed to make them.

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