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Like a Dragon: Ishin – All Cooking Recipes Listed

A Samurai blade cuts potatoes just as well.

by Jesse Vitelli

As with any good Yakuza or Like a Dragon title, the actual game is the substories and minigames you get caught up in along the way. Like a Dragon: Ishin has a pretty robust farming and cooking sim that you can retire to when the main story gets too intense. You’ll need to do a lot if you want to see all of it through, but it’s gratifying and offers a nice slice of life outside of the samurai blood and gore. Here are all of the recipes you can cook in Like a Dragon: Ishin listed.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin – All Cooking Recipes Listed

Here are all of the recipes you can cook in Like a Dragon: Ishin and the ingredients needed to cook them:

Homemade Pickles
2 Cucumbers
Katemeshi2 Daikon
Hearty Miso Soup1 Daikon, 1 Carrot, 1 Sweet Potato
Healthy Omusubi1 Rainbow Trout, 2 Green onions, 2 Spinach
Invigorating Miso Soup1 Thread-Sail Filefish, 2 GreenOnions, 2 Ginger
Umeboshi5 Out-of-Season Plums
Power Stew1 Crawfish, 2 Hot Peppers, 2 Daikon
Spicy Miso Seafood Hot Pot1 Righteye Flounder, 1 Slamon, 1 Daikon, 1 Green Onion, 6 Hot Peppers
True Grit Chirashi Sushi1 Tiger Prawn, 2 Eggs, 2 Freshwater Eel
Refreshing Kakiage1 Common Octopus, 4 Budrock Roots, 1 Onion, 1 Green Onion, 1 Ginger
Tekka Stew1 Scorpionfish, 3 Tomatoes, 3 Hot Peppers, 3 Carrots, 3 Garlic
Refreshing Vegetable Salad2 Turnips, 2 Eggplants, 2 Onions, 2 Carrots, 3 Spinach
Thoroughly Grilled Fish1 Salmon, 1 Sea Bream, 1 Sweetfish
Fisherman’s Teppoyaki2 Conger Eel, 2 Squid, 4 hot Peppers, 4 Green Onions, 1 Ginger
Spirit Stew2 Freshwater Eel, 3 Burdock Roots, 3 Green Onions, 2 Bok Choy, 4 Potatoes
Blissful Udon1 Udon Flour, 2 Pumpkins, 2 Carrots, 2 Daikon, 10 Ginkgo
Shrewd Castella15 Eggs, 2 Udon Flour, 3 Honey
Hanamaru Box2 Healthy Omusubi, 2 Invigorating Miso Soups, 2 Turnips, 6 Strawberries
Demonic Bento1 Power Stew, 1 True Grit Chirashi Sushi, 2 Softshell Turtle, 2 Taro
Food Be Thy Medicine Box1 Refreshing Kakiage, 1 Tekka Stew, 1 Refreshing Vegetable Salad, 5 Broad Beans, 1 Cabbage
Super Spicy Chanko Nabe1 Spicy Miso Seafood Hot Pot, 1 Spirit Stew, 1 Stringfish

You’ll need to farm, fish, and purchase some of these ingredients from the various markets around town if you’re trying to cook them all. There’s a free demo of the game if you’re trying to get your friends into your new obsession.

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