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How to Get the Masterwork Research for Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Masterwork Research

With the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event just days away now, Niantic has officially released the Masterwork Research for Trainers to get their hands on. This Special Research is separate from the story that will go live on February 25, but many of the challenges and rewards are tied together.

Unlike the Chasing Legends Special Research coming with the event, the Masterwork Research isn’t available for free. Trainers will have to spend a bit of cash if they want a shiny Jirachi. We’ll go over how you can get the research for yourself and what’s included to make it worthwhile.

Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – How to Get the Wish Granted Masterwork Research

To unlock the Masterwork Research, Trainers will need to open up the shop from the in-game menu. You can find the research in the same place you would find tickets for events like Community Days or GO Fest which rolls around once per year. Access to the research is going to cost $4.99 and you won’t be able to use any PokeCoins to make the purchase.

The Masterwork Research, which is called Wish Granted, will be available to purchase until March 20, 2023. That gives Trainers a few weeks after the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event comes to an end to get a hold of the tasks and complete most of them. Based on the challenges that were revealed so far, Trainers will need to catch hundreds of Hoenn region Pokemon for some decent rewards like Kyogre and Groudon candy.

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Of course, the ultimate reward for the Wish Granted research is the shiny Jirachi. This is similar to the shiny Mew that was introduced in past research that contained tasks meant to span months. Whether this research is worth $5 is up to you, but it’s certainly filled with tasks that will take up your time in exchange for valuable rewards in Pokemon GO.

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