Fae Farm: How to Get Married

Goin’ to the chapel. Monday, gonna get married.

Fae Farm Dating
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Farming sims are known to include all elements of farm life for the main character, and of course, that includes relationship building and eventual marriage. Fae Farm is no exception to the rule, and there are eight potential marriage candidates that you can woo and eventually wed. If you’re ready for the single life to end, here is exactly how to get married in Fae Farm.

Getting Married in Fae Farm

To get married in Fae Farm, you need to begin by getting to know your potential suitor. You’re not limited to one; you can flirt with every potential love interest in town. In fact, it’s impossible not to. You will find that as you talk to people, your relationship increases, and you will eventually enter ‘Flirting’ status. It’s almost like high school 2.0.

Fae Farm Proposal
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This isn’t an issue, though, as you can flirt and date with as many people simultaneously as you like. I would actually recommend that you do exactly this. All of the unique character dialogue and development is locked behind dates that you will be able to go on as your relationship progresses. You do not have to worry about accidentally advancing the relationship too far and being locked into it! You will have the option to propose, with a secondary confirmation screen. So, you can just leave them in despair as they wonder why you are flirting with the rest of the town as opposed to advancing your relationship.

Once you’ve had your fill and you’re ready to commit to one person, go find them, talk to them, and select ‘Propose.’ They will be incredibly excited and will tell you what the next steps are. You will need to find Merritt, who is usually at the Town Hall shown below.

Opening the map and clicking on her name will produce an on-screen arrow that directs you to her location. When you’ve found her, pay her the 10,000 Florins for the wedding ceremony fee. Which is a bit rich, considering you’ve saved the island and all. You think they’d give you a discount. You will also get to choose one of three options for your ceremony attire: Fae Wedding Attire, Wedding Dress, or Wedding Suit.

Fae Farm Town Hall Merritt
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The very next day, you’ll have your shotgun wedding, and then after a cute speech from your spouse, you’ll be Azoria’s ‘it’ couple.

Is Getting Married Worth it in Fae Farm?

Honestly, it’s up to you. If you’re expecting getting married to change anything to do with the game or your spouse, you’ll be disappointed. Once I married Nhamashal, the only thing that changed was that he appeared around my homestead every so often. He would exclaim how much better the island was now that the thorns were removed. Like, yeah, it made a big difference. But you told me that last year, last month, last week, and yesterday. We just got married, can’t we talk about that? The dialogue continues to be the same repetitive and shallow lines that it was prior to marriage. Which is rather disappointing.

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If you want to get married because you want to check it off the list as another thing completed in the game, or you just have an interest in a certain character but aren’t expecting anything beyond that, then, yeah, it’s probably worth doing just to say that you did. I mean, it’s really no different than a normal marriage. It’s just the same dialogue, but now you occasionally just have someone in your way when you’re trying to do things.

Hopefully, with upcoming patches or even with the confirmed future DLC packs, the characters will get updated lines, and the relationships will seem more sincere or even organic. Right now, they are rather lackluster, and it is rather disappointing as whilst it wasn’t a core gameplay element, it was still an advertised feature.

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