Fae Farm Might Not Be Too Expensive After All

A $20 price drop is fairy enticing.

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Every aspect of Fae Farm that has been shown off so far has been met with excitement by fans who have been anxiously awaiting its upcoming release. There has been nothing but positivity surrounding the game, or at least mostly. There has been a singular sore spot that some fans have found hard to get past. That is the $59.99 price tag that the game has been sporting. This has now changed as Phoenix Labs has readjusted the price of Fae Farm to $39.99. They are now offering a Deluxe Version at the original price point of $59.99.

There are so many reasons why different games should be worth different prices and they all come with individual value. One issue that indie developers, in particular, run into time and time again is that people are used to purchasing independently developed games at a lower price point. Whenever an indie game is priced higher, it is often scrutinized more than other developers, regardless of the actual amount of content that the game offers.

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It seems that Phoenix Labs has come up with a creative way to solve this complaint from the community. Dropping the price of Fae Farm to $39.99 is a significant decrease. A $20 drop will undoubtedly allow for a broader number of players to purchase the game. People who may have been unsure due to the price are now more likely to jump in on day one.

Phoenix Labs has always been transparent regarding the fact that they plan to add two significantly sized DLC packs to Fae Farm in the future. Now, Fae Farm players will have the following options:

  • Purchase the standard edition of Fae Farm for $39.99.
    (This will mean the DLC will need to be purchased in the future if desired.)
  • Purchase the deluxe edition of Fae Farm for $59.99, including the two future DLC packs.

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According to the Fae Farm Deluxe Edition listing on the Epic Games Store, this edition comes with the following:

  • Fae Farm: Escape to the magical life of your dreams in Fae Farm, a cozy farm sim RPG for 1-4 players.
  • Fae Farm – Original Soundtrack: Over an hour of the orchestral themes composed by Cris Velasco.
  • Fae Farm – Content Packs(x2): between December 2023 and June 2024, two waves of additional content will be released and automatically offered upon their release to the owners of the Deluxe Edition.

So far, both the Steam page and Epic Games Store page for Fae Farm have made this price update. It makes sense that the Nintendo Switch version will also be updated to reflect this change in the near future, though it’s not confirmed currently.

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