Starfield’s Side Activities Could Be Even Better Than the Main Story

Get ready to explore each and every corner of space.

Starfield Side Activities Featured

During one of the most recent Starfield interviews, the game’s publishing lead, Peter Hines, took the liberty to mention how some of the best things the game has to offer are not mandatory but optional activities scattered around the galaxy. His commentary was made during the Xbox livestream for the Gamescom 2023 event, where we just got another glimpse of what’s hidden in Starfield’s galaxies.

In his last minutes of speaking, Hines mentioned how players shouldn’t “ignore their activities.” In his own words, these activities “feel like throwaway stuff that the game is giving you, but there is some amazing stuff there that doesn’t feel like a real quest, but will take you to some amazing places and stories.”

He encouraged people to play Starfield just like they did with other Bethesda games (Skyrim, Fallout series, etc.): Doing what you want where you want, testing the game in its many possible ways, and seeing what happens. 

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As many were expecting, the overall experience will be vastly different from person to person, and going out of your way can be even more rewarding. There are various different versions of the same story one can experience on a single planet, and your choices will influence them even more. Encountering hidden secrets adds even more to the adventure, as players can manipulate their own world (or galaxy, in this case) with their own hands. 

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Earlier in the same interview, Hines also digressed for a while about how different his own experience was from his colleagues. “They both played about the same amount of time, from 40 hours to 60 hours. But we didn’t do any of the same things at all. Not even close.” 

“And the locations aren’t the same for every person. When you and I are going to explore this planet, I can’t just tell you ‘you should go here and find this’. It might not be there for you.”, concluded Hines.

Which would be the best, definite experience in that case? Everyone gets their own space adventure in Starfield, so there’s no “better” way to do it! It’s up to you to make your experience the best you can get. And I’m definitely leaving no stone unturned as I explore to make sure I enjoy each planet as much as humanly possible. The game will be out on September 6, and it’s shaping up to be one of the best releases of the whole year.

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