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How to Get Marksman Kills in Battlefield 2042

It's more than just the weapon.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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To help players earn additional experience and progress toward the Battle Pass, there are plenty of challenges each week that can be completed in Battlefield 2042, and most of them are fairly easy. One, however, which tasks players with earning Marksman Kills, is more confusing than it may seem.

Many of the challenges tied to weapons within the game simply task players with getting standard kills or earning some precise headshots. This task, in particular, has two parts to it that aren’t explained very well, and in this guide, we’ll cover what you need to complete the task in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 – How to Get Marksman Kills

Even if the total is as low as two Marksman Kills, this challenge may take you a match to get done. The first requirement is to use any kind of sniper rifle or marksman rifle within Battlefield 2042, which is apparent from the name. However, using a sniper may be easier for the next part.

To be considered the kind of elimination we want, players must earn the kill at 200m or more. Anything lower will not count toward the challenge progress, regardless of whether a marksman or a sniper rifle is being used. As long as you can earn the kill at 200m, then the Marksman Kill is yours.

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At first glance of this challenge, it’s easy to assume that all you need is some marksman rifle kills and you’re golden, but don’t get thrown off by the name. To speed up your progress as well, your best bet is to go into the standard Battlefield 2042 Conquest mode and sit on some vantage points. Within no time you’ll earn some Marksman Kills.

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