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How to Unlock the M39 EMR in Battlefield 2042

The Marksman Rifles get a Vault addition.

by Daniel Wenerowicz

We’re over halfway through Season 3 if Battlefield 2042 stays on track, and that means another set of Vault weapons has entered the collection pool across all game modes. One of the most exciting this time around is the M39 EMR due to it being the first in the marksman rifle class.

The Battlefield 3 unlock is a classic rifle across the Battlefield and the Call of Duty franchises, so players won’t want to miss out. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to unlock and won’t take as much time as the MTAR-21 from the assault rifle class in this update. Keep reading through to see all the challenges needed for the M39 EMR and how you can complete them in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 – How to Unlock the M39 EMR

When you go for the unlocks on vault weapons in Battlefield 2042, you can expect the challenges to be tied to the class itself. That sentiment remains true here, and we need to use one of the earliest marksman rifles to get some kills, which will save us some time. Below are both the required challenges.

M39 EMR Unlock Challenges:

  • Earn 100 Kills and Assists with the M39 EMR or DM7.
  • Earn 10 Headshot Kills with Marksman Rifles.

Both of these challenges are pretty easy compared to the level grind of the other two new vault weapons. The DM7 is the first marksman rifle you unlock in Battlefield 2042 and it has a very similar damage-to-fire rate ratio when compared to the EMR. Earning kills and assists with this weapon is no problem at all.

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As for the headshots, you won’t be able to instantly one-tap everyone in the head as you would with a sniper rifle, but you can get pretty close. Hitting a body shot and following it with a headshot, or getting lucky with a wounded enemy in front of you will almost guarantee one of the 10 headshots needed. Soon enough, you’ll be scoped in with the classic Battlefield 3 M39 EMR in a Battlefield 2042 match.

And that’s all. For more news, updates, and guides on the futuristic shooter, head over to the dedicated Battlefield 2042 section of our site!

Daniel Wenerowicz

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