How to Get Lumps of Clay in Enshrouded

"Sir, are you in construction by any chance?"

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Lumps of Clay are not a very important resource by themselves in Enshrouded, but they have uses that are important for your progress. Lumps of Clay are needed to build workstations like the Kiln, and we’ll show you how to get them in Enshrouded.

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When and How Can You Get Lumps of Clay in Enshrouded

Lumps of Clay are not something you will find very early in the game, so you’ll have to be patient until later stages of the game, namely after you unlock the Carpenter and the Farmer.

To farm clay in Enshrouded, you will need to have a Pickaxe.

A malleable material that is especially useful for construction purposes.

Where to Find and Farm Clay in Enshrouded

I had the most luck finding the Clay on the sides of hills or huge rock formations. Try searching around Ancient Vault – Farmer, Thornhold, Westcott, Diadwyn, or any other area that’s suitable for players with characters whose level is greater than 10.

You will recognize Lumps of Clay on the rock formations and hills by their dark orange or, rather, light brownish color.

What are the Uses for Lumps of Clay in Enshrouded

You can use Lumps of Clay to create fired bricks, which can be used for the construction of buildings (and homes) in your base. For a Fired Brick, you will need 10 lumps of clay and 20 wood logs. For each brick, you’ll have to wait 30 seconds for it to be crafted. Patience is a virtue!

Also, as mentioned in the intro, you will need lumps of clay for the Kiln and many other important tools like Crucible, Smelter, and Mortar. And let’s not forget the fireplace, either!

If you want to host a dedicated server in Enshrouded, we’ve got you covered with a guide.

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