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How to Get Large Water Cores in Harvestella

Don't let them touch your Thunder cores.

by Matt Vatankhah

Harvestella is full of various materials and resources to collect throughout your long journey, and the great majority of them serve a purpose beyond filling up your backpack. As you traverse through dungeons, you’ll pick up Cores of different elemental types – usually corresponding to the type of area you’re in. Large Water Cores are described as large crystals that possess water and drench your backpack when carried so, naturally, you’re bound to find them around water sources. Though, you may need to learn a special skill before you can reliably farm them. Read on to learn how to get Large Water Cores in Harvestella.

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How to Get Large Water Cores in Harvestella

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Large Water Cores can be farmed at three specific mining nodes within the Coral Shrine dungeon. More specifically, near the Echo of the Bulla location, which you can warp to from the Motus Monolite. Once you’ve warped to the area, head east and jump off the edge to find three mining nodes. Even at this location, Large Water Cores are very rare to find, but you can repeat the process by saving at the entrance of the dungeon and resetting your game until you manage to collect some.

Though, to increase your chances of collecting them even further, you’ll need a special tidbit of knowledge.

How to Unlock Mining Knowledge Vol. 1 in Harvestella

In each town, there will be an NPC who requests specific meals to be delivered to them. You’ll want to travel to Shatolla and deliver at least five meals to the Middle-aged woman in the Shatolla Bar to receive Mining Knowledge Vol. 1.

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This perk will greatly increase your chances of obtaining rarer materials through mining nodes, and is almost necessary to find Large Water Cores in the Coral Shrine.

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