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How to Get Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail

Please don't bark at a 2D character I beg you

by Patrick Souza
How to Get Kafka Honkai Star Rail

The first hour of Honkai: Star Rail is confusing, to say the least. The game throws you various concepts and terminologies that are literally too alien for your brain to understand, but there are also those neat graphics and smooth gameplay that make you wanna you keep going. But even more than that, you might or might not be entranced by the mysterious Kafka, the Stellar Hunter who brings our protagonist into this world.

We get to see what she’s capable of during her brief battles, but that’s just not enough! I want to see more of her! This is a gacha game, for god’s sake. There must be a way to get her as a playable character, right?! Well, the answer might disappoint you.

How to Get Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail

As of the 1.0 version, Kafka is not yet officially playable. You can find plenty of gameplay videos featuring her around Youtube, but they all date from Closed Beta Tests, where all of our current characters (and some of the next ones) were available at some point for testing purposes. In other words, they don’t hail from the live servers, where no one can get her yet.

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You won’t find her in the permanent banner or in the game’s Data Bank (accessible through your room in the Astral Express), so we don’t have almost anything about her. She shows up at later story moments, but with no official release date yet.

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When is Kafka Coming to Honkai: Star Rail?

Having her as playable in the game’s tutorial implies that her character is already complete and ready to ship. So is she in the next banner?! No, not even close. According to the most recent leaks, we might have to wait until the 1.2 update for Kafka to make her playable debut. Considering a 40-day patch circle, this means that she would be playable around August as a Limited Event character.

While this is not 100% reliable, it’s very likely that a character that has certainly captivated the audience’s hearts wouldn’t take that long to join the playable roster. All that she needs is to merely exist, and hype will build itself around her. And that’s exactly what’s happening right now, as I’m definitely pulling for her when she’s around.

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