How to Get Just Let Go Trophy in Spider-Man 2

A little tribute to an old friend

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You can collect dozens of collectibles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including trophies that net you XP and quests. One such trophy is the Just Let Go Science Trophy, which we will cover in this guide on how and where to get it.

Where to Find Just Let Go Trophy in Spider-Man 2

The Just Let Go Science Trophy is on top of the Trinity Tower in the Financial District. Head to the location as shown on the map and look for a church in the area. It will be the only church in the southern part of the Financial District, and you will be able to spot it from afar.


You need to be playing as Miles to get the Just Let Go trophy.

Get close to the Trinity Church and climb to the top. On the back side of the church, on top, you will see the trophy placed on a small balcony. Scan the rooftop, and it will display the trophy in the scan. Once you get close to it, you will see the triangle button prompt appear for you to pick it up. A small cutscene will play where Miles pays his respects to his old friend Phin.

The Just Let Go trophy is a tribute to Miles’ friend Phin, who was a big part of his days at Osborne Science Center. Miles places the trophy here at the end of Spider-Man Miles Morales’s story as a tribute to his friend. You will not get any XP or quest from collecting this trophy, but it will only count towards completing the Platinum.

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