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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: All PS5 Trophies and How to Unlock Them

The path to the platinum trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has officially launched on PS5, giving PlayStation trophy hunters an opportunity to add a shiny new platinum trophy to their collection. Here are all of the trophies in Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2, as well as their trophy rarities and descriptions.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Trophy List Revealed

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Dedicated (Platinum Trophy)

Collect all Trophies

Superior (Gold Trophy)

100% complete all districts

Heal the World (Gold Trophy)

Finish the main story

To the Max (Silver Trophy)

Purchase all Gadget upgrades

Kitted Out (Silver Trophy)

Purchase all available Suits

Behind the Masks (Silver Trophy)

Complete “Grand Finale”

Amazing (Silver Trophy)

Reach max level

Data Collector (Silver Trophy)

Complete “Target Identified”

Crimson Hour (Silver Trophy)

Complete “It Was Meant for Me”

Exterminator (Silver Trophy)

Complete all Symbiote Nests

Grains of Sand (Silver Trophy)

Piece together broken memories

Leave Us Alone (Silver Trophy)

Complete “Don’t Be Scared”

The Great Hunt (Silver Trophy)

Complete “Anything Can Be Broken”

Seek and Destroy (Silver Trophy)

Complete all Hunter Bases

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (Silver Trophy)

Complete all FNSM requests

Medicine (Silver Trophy)

Complete “It Chose You”

Surge (Silver Trophy)

Use Symbiote Abilities 25 times during Symbiote Surge

Foundational (Silver Trophy)

Complete all EMF Experiments

Evolved (Silver Trophy)

Defeat 100 enemies with Evolved Venom abilities

Armed and Dangerous (Silver Trophy)

Defeat 100 enemies with Spider Arm abilities

Another Way (Bronze Trophy)

Complete “No Escape”

Fully Loaded (Bronze Trophy)

Purchase all of Spider-Man’s Suit Tech upgrades

Brooklyn Pride (Bronze Trophy)

Complete “A Gift”

My Community (Bronze Trophy)

Complete “Hard Bop”

I Quit (Bronze Trophy)

Complete “This Isn’t You”

Funky Wireless Protocols (Bronze Trophy)

Solve the mystery of the Spider-Bots’ origin

Stylish (Bronze Trophy)

Equip a suit style

Slack Line (Bronze Trophy)

Stealth takedown 25 enemies in stealth from the Web Line

Hang Ten (Bronze Trophy)

Perform 30 Air Tricks in a row without touching the ground

Overdrive (Bronze Trophy)

As Miles, use Reverse Flux to pull 6 or more enemies together simultaneously

Home Run! (Bronze Trophy)

Round the bases at the Big Apple Ballers Stadium

Just Let Go (Bronze Trophy)

As Miles, find the science trophy Miles and Phin won together

You Know What to Do (Bronze Trophy)

As Peter, visit Aunt May’s grave

Soar (Bronze Trophy)

Using only your Web Wings, glide from the Financial District to Astoria (Wind Tunnels are okay!)

Splat (Bronze Trophy)

Attempt and fail a trick before “landing” on the ground

A New Adventure (Bronze Trophy)

Help Howard

Resourceful (Bronze Trophy)

Collect a total of 10,000 Tech Parts

Co-Signing (Bronze Trophy)

Complete all Tech Stashes

You’re Gonna Need Help (Bronze Trophy)

Complete “Surface Tension”

New York, New York (Bronze Trophy)

Complete all Photo Ops

Antidote (Bronze Trophy)

Defeat a Symbiote that is under the effect of Anti-Venom status

A New Suit (Bronze Trophy)

Acquire the Black Suit

In total, there are 42 trophies featured in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, with one platinum, two gold, 17 silver, and 22 bronze. The list is simple and relatively straightforward, providing a fun, easy platinum just like 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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