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How to Get Into Madden 23 Early Access

Here is how to jump right into it.

by Nikola L

Madden 23 is right around the corner and NFL fans who like to play football are lining up to get their hands on the Early Access before the actual release of the game, just to get any sort of advantage before the rest of the players.

In this guide, Prima Games will show you how to jump in on the action and join in on the Madden 23 Early Access.

How to Join the Madden 23 Early Access

Madden 23 will officially release on August 19, 2022, and until then, Early Access is open for business.

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There are currently two different ways to get into Early Access. Both ways are costly in their own regard, and we will leave it to you to decide which path you will take based on the information that we have prepared for you.

Method 1: Buying the Premium Version of Madden 23

Get the All-Madden edition of the game. That’s it. Just dish out $100 and the Early Access is yours to enjoy. No limitations on how long you can play during the Early Access period. Apart from the game that you are getting by paying the bigger price, you also receive 4,600 Madden Points, All-Madden Gear, a Madden Strategy item, and Two top-tier (Ultimate) players that you will be using in your roster.

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Method 2: EA Play Subscription

If you already have the EA Play Subscription, you are in good luck. You should be having the Early Access immediately. However, it comes with a limit. You can play only for 10 hours. This should not be a big issue since the full game is coming in a matter of days, and you can safely play a couple of hours per day. Pssst! They might offer a free trial for EA Play as well!

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