How to Get Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2

A pound of flesh

LA is full of absolutely unhinged people at the best of times, but the zombie apocalypse has really brought it out in some people. Cue Francesca, an artist who’s somehow managed to survive the zombie apocalypse and really wants Infected Flesh. So, let’s give it to her. Here’s how to get Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2.

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How to Get Infected Flesh in Dead Island 2

We’ve gotten some pretty weird quests, but the Body Art: Visionary quest handed to us by Francesca might be the weirdest. She’s intent on completing her magnum opus, and to do that, she’s going to need flesh. Infected Flesh. If she asked for normal flesh, we’d probably kill her… but because she’s asking for Infected Flesh, it’s okay.

If you jump the fence of her Hills mansion, you’ll likely immediately get an Infected Flesh from the nearby Shambler. But after that, it’ll seem like no matter what zombie you hit, it simply won’t drop. What gives?

Here’s the issue.

Infected Flesh can be obtained by killing any zombie, but it’s a rare drop. I’ve had the best chance of finding it while killing Apex zombies, but it’s not guaranteed. If you want to find it just lying around, you’ll need to go to any place they were performing medical experiments on zombies. CDCs, hospitals, and places like that.

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It’s not guaranteed you’ll find Infected Flesh there either, and in reality, the easiest way to complete this quest is to go out and do other things. You don’t need to stay in Beverly Hills for Infected Flesh to drop, and eventually, you’ll passively collect 10.

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