How to Get Ignition Potions in Project Mugetsu

How to Get Ignition Potions in Project Mugetsu

For all the Shikai and Resurrection users out there

One of the most important parts of Project Mugetsu is using your Shikai and Resurrections to defeat your enemies. After unlocking your first Shikai or Resurrection, you need two things to activate them: the ability to type in chat and enough Ignition! Fortunately, if you find that your blue bar empties quickly, a specific potion will help you out. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to get Ignition potions in Project Mugetsu.

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How to Get Ignition Potions in Roblox Project Mugetsu

Depending on whether you’re a Hollow or Soul Reaper, you’ll use Shikai or Resurrections to unlock powerful combat abilities. Regardless of which you pick, using these powers drains your Ignition. Drinking potions helps you restore some Ignition, allowing you to fight longer.

Here’s an exact step-by-step to getting your hands on some Ignition potions in Project Mugetsu:

  • Create your character and make them a Soul Reaper or Hollow
  • Level up your Skill Mastery to five and unlock Senkaimon for $500
  • Look for any boss in the Soul Society and defeat them for a 15 percent chance of obtaining an Ignition potion

While there are other bosses in the game, these are some of the easiest you can fight early on!

Project Mugetsu Ignition Potion Boss Drop
Image via Roblox – Project Mugetsu (PC)

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Each boss in Project Mugetsu has a drop table that you can see once you approach their spawn area. For example, bosses like Tochiro and Gin have a 15 percent chance of dropping Ignition potions! You also have the same odds of getting health potions and lower chances of getting other rewards. It’s also possible to not get any drops from the fights.

Trading With Players

If you’re uninterested in farming bosses for their drops, you can also trade with other players in-game or through the official Project Mugetsu Discord server. While this can be scary for some, it is a great alternative if you want a bunch of potions and have valuable items to offer in return.

If you want more details about your Shikai or Resurrection, check out how to join the official Project Mugetsu Trello and explore all kinds of tutorials from the game makers themselves!

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