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How to Get High Albedo in Destiny 2

Final Warning might pave the way for a new PvE meta

by Daphne Fama

After the weapons trailer for Season 20 featured an Exotic sidearm, there’s been endless speculation that side arms will be seeing buffs. After all, Bungie has made it abundantly clear that many weapon types will undergo tuning once Lightfall drops on February 28. So it’s a good idea to get your hands on some of the best sidearms that Destiny has to offer before the season goes live. To that end, here’s how to get High Albedo in Destiny 2.

How to Get High Albedo in Destiny 2

High Albedo is a Kinetic sidearm that can be easy to miss if you prefer to do curated playlists for activities. Or maybe if you just hate the cold. This weapon drops from all types of activities in Europa. You can get it from random drops, quests, and bounties from Variks if you have the Beyond Light Expansion.

One of the best Lost Sectors to farm is Perdition in Cadmus Ridge. Keep your ultimate for the final room encounter or equip a grenade launcher or rocket launcher. This will let you clear it quickly. But if you have the Beyond Light expansion, Variks has a farmable quest for it.

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Once you get it, High Albedo promises to be both a fun gun to use and an excellent Kinetic weapon choice for PvE. But there are certain perks that are better on it than others.

God Roll for High Albedo in Destiny 2

The best roll for High Albedo is:

  • Basic Barrel → Corkscrew Rifling. +5 Stability, +5 Handling, +5 Range.
  • Basic Magazine → Tactical Mag. +3 Magazine. +10 Reload Speed. +5 Stability.
  • Basic Trait 1 → Surplus. Grants Stat Bonuses depending on the amount of Charged Abilities. Each Ability Charge contributes to this. Having 3 Abilities Charged maxes the effect.
    • 5 | 25 | 50 Reload Speed
    • 5 | 15 | 25 Stability
    • 10 | 25 | 50 Handling
  • Basic Trait 2 → Demolitionist. Kills with Primary Weapons and Power Weapons grant 10% Grenade Ability Energy. Most Special Weapons grant 20%.
    • Trace Rifles and Grenade Launchers grant half of what other Special Weapons give.
    • Using your Grenade Ability refreshes Magazine. 3 Second Cooldown.
    • Enhanced: Grenade Ability Energy gains are increased to 11% and 22% respectively.

But this is a gun that has a wealth of fantastic abilities. Other great options are Killing Wind and Wellspring, and Headseeker.

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