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How to Get Red Herring and its God Roll in Destiny 2

Nothing like a gun that makes a big boom

by Daphne Fama

You know what’s great? Making things explode. And you know what’s good at that? The Legendary rocket launcher, Red Herring. But it’s not like this extremely popular rocket launcher will just fall into your lap. And if you’ve been avoiding one planet in particular, you’ve likely never even laid eyes on it. So, here’s how to get Red Herring in Destiny 2.

How to Get Red Herring and its God Roll in Destiny 2

The Red Herring in Destiny 2 might be one of the most popular legendary rocket launchers, as it absolutely excels in PvE, especially against boss enemies. But it can be very easy to miss, because it can only be found on one planet in particular:

Savathûn’s Throne World.  

Head to this planet, full of mist and strange, almost bone-like castles and complete any manner of activities. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a Lost Sector or a Public Event, there’s a chance that Red Herring will drop. And if you want to craft it (which you will, as it makes obtaining your god roll far easier), you’re going to need 5 Deepsight frames of it. So, get cozy knocking out those Scorn and Hive.

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God Roll for Red Herring in Destiny 2 (2023)

Once you’re able to craft a Red Herring to your specifications, you’ll want the best one possible. The Destiny 2 community seems to agree, these are the best perks for it if you want it to excel in PvE.

  • Basic Launcher Barrel → Hard Launch: -10 Stability, -5 Blast Radius, +15 Velocity.
  • Magazine → Impact Casing: +10 Stability. Buffs the Impact Damage by 10% resulting in a 2.2% overall total damage increase at base.
  • Basic Trait 1 → Field Prep: +30 Ammo, while crouched: 50 Reload Speed with .8x Reload duration Scalar and .8x Ready/Stow Duration Scalar.
  • Basic Trait 2 → Lasting Impression: +50 Blast Radius, rockets detonate on impact and detonate after 3 seconds, dealing an additional 25% Explosive Damage. 20% effective damage increase.

The ideal masterwork, especially for bosses, is Velocity. And the ideal mod, for the same reasons, is Boss Spec.

Good luck getting that perfect rocket launcher!

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